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Intreducing Our New Miltary’s Connector Manufacture “PROVERTHA” With Its New Color Coded M12 Family of Circular Connectros””

PROVERTHA Connectors, Cables & Solutions GmbH

Coloured rings for the identification of our M12 connectors are available as from now. Through optimal colour coding, adjacent interfaces especially can be reliably and unmistakably connected with one another. The coding rings are available in the colours blue, yellow, black and green. PROVERTHA circular connectors ensure reliable signal transmission at all times, even under extreme industry conditions.

With the help of the coloured rings, connectors can be marked so that they could be recognised or better distinguished from one another.

This is particularly advantageous with different networks and cramped spaces. When used in railway engineering, for example, the network communication comprising control, climate and light could be coded in one colour, the network of surveillance cameras in another, and the infotainment with the WiFi for passengers in a third colour. In this way, each connector can be assigned particularly quickly, which greatly facilitates system maintenance and repair. These practical coloured coding rings are also helpful in other areas with adjacent interfaces.

Let yourself be convinced by the simple snap-in assembly, and keep track of everything

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