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A power LED is a high-brightness LED designed to operate at higher currents, voltages and temperatures compared to a standard LED. POWER LEDs are used for bright, energy efficient lighting in commercial, industrial, automotive and other demanding applications.

What are POWER LEDs?

POWER LEDs are a specialized type of LED created specifically for high luminosity lighting applications requiring significant luminous flux levels ranging from hundreds to thousands of lumens. They surpass the performance possible with standard indicator LEDs used for displays or ambient lighting.

To produce the high light output, POWER LEDs are driven harder using higher current levels than typical LEDs. They employ advanced materials and semiconductor physics to handle the increased electrical and thermal requirements for high power operation.

Some key properties of POWER LEDs include:

  • Power levels ranging from 0.5 to 100 watts
  • High luminous efficacy – 100 to 200 lumens per watt
  • High luminance intensity – thousands to millions of candelas
  • Wide viewing angles from 120 to 160 degrees
  • Advanced thermal management for high temperature operation

Benefits of POWER LEDs

Compared to traditional lighting sources, POWER LEDs offer sizable advantages:

  • Very high efficiency – more light output per watt than incandescent or fluorescent
  • Long lifetime – LEDs can last 50,000 hours or more
  • High brightness and light quality
  • Rugged with no filaments or glass to break
  • Compact size enables unique fixture designs
  • Fast switching for control of lighting effects
  • Environmentally friendly with no mercury or UV emissions

These benefits make POWER LEDs ideal for the future of energy-efficient, long-lasting and high-quality lighting across many applications.

Applications Using POWER LEDs

Some major uses of POWER LED lighting include:

Industrial Lighting

Manufacturing facilities use POWER LED high bays, low bays and spotlights to brightly illuminate production areas while improving energy efficiency.

Street and Roadway Lighting

Cities are adopting POWER LED streetlights and roadway luminaires for reduced maintenance costs and lower energy bills.

Automotive Lighting

POWER LEDs are transforming car headlights and taillights with stylish new designs, improved visibility and faster responsiveness.

Architectural Lighting

LEDs power exterior building illumination and distinctive interior lighting in offices, malls and museums.

Grow Lights

Indoor farming relies on POWER LED grow lights optimized to provide the wavelengths plants need to grow vigorously and fruitfully.

Medical Lighting

POWER LED surgical lights and medical devices benefit from the high light quality, intensity and environmental safety LEDs provide.

POWER LED Technologies

There are several key technologies that enable high power LEDs:

Semiconductor Materials

Advanced materials like Gallium Nitride (GaN) and Indium Gallium Nitride (InGaN) handle higher currents and heat buildup in POWER LEDs.

Substrate Designs

Substrate materials like silicon carbide and sapphire provide superior heat dissipation in high power LEDs.

Optical Cavities

Reflectors and lenses in POWER LED packages maximize light extraction efficiency.


High performance packaging removes heat using metal cores or ceramic substrates while resisting lumen degradation.

Phosphor Coatings

Phosphors downconvert blue LED emissions to create white light. Different formulations yield varied color temperatures.

Thermal Management Needs

Thermal design is critical for POWER LEDs. Heat must be drawn away from the LED junction to ensure reliable operation and minimize efficiency losses.

Key thermal management approaches include:

  • Use of thermally optimized MCPCB circuit boards
  • Incorporation of heat sinks and heat pipes
  • Driving LEDs at lower than maximum current levels
  • Providing sufficient airflow for convective cooling
  • Using quality LED power supplies designed for POWER LED loads

In summary, POWER LEDs enable extremely energy efficient, high brightness lighting across many commercial, industrial, and consumer applications. With excellent efficiency, lifetime, and reliability, POWER LED lighting is becoming the premier sustainable lighting technology.

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